Winding Path

Bye Bye 2020

Bye, bye 2020.  I, for one, am not sorry to see you go.  As comedian Leslie Jones said of 2020, “I would call it a trainwreck and a shitshow but that would give trains and shit a bad name.”  Of all the years to have an extra day, this one does take the cake!  Yet,...
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3 Ways Self-Deception Costs Businesses Money

Telling lies and self-deception are subjects I have written a lot about in my career.  Now, I need to be direct. I am here to tell you that you will never achieve the success you desire in life and business unless you stop deceiving yourself. Just about now I can hear you saying to yourself...
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Literally, Don’t Die

by Andrea Goeglein Literally, don’t die.  It is an idea I am not sure about.  When I teach to literally live the Don’t Die™ spirit, I am suggesting you should strive to live with resilience and perseverance today and everyday.  What I know is living a Don’t Die spirit continually requires responsibility. In this TED talk, Juan...
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I Love Paper

I love paper!  I love paper!  I love paper!  Every so often I feel compelled to remind myself how useful and efficient using paper is to make notes and appointments.  About 25 years ago an urban legend about a paperless future was born.  This legend told of a day we would seamlessly, and more efficiently...
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The Work of Angel Faces

Imagine if you were so devoted to your work that you created an organization called Project Angel Faces.  Really, sit with that for a moment.  Think of your work.  What would you call your work if you were creating an organization? With my organization, ServingSuccess, I view my work as “dedicated to your success.”  I...
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UNLV…It is not what you think it is!

UNLV…It is not what you think it is and TEDxUNLV on April 11, 2014 will help you experience not only the best of UNLV, but the best of what the future of Las Vegas is positioned to be. As a student-driven, community organized event, TEDxUNLV will feature ideas worth spreading from a global leader in...
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Dirty Jobs

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  That can be said for a lot of jobs.  Some are literally dirty.  Other jobs are emotionally dirty. I have invested my time today in one of the latter kind of dirty jobs:  advising TEDxUNLV (  applicants that their proposals were not accepted. Don’t feel...
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Ideas Worth Spreading

Long before TED conferences branded the now recognizable “ideas worth spreading”, a child whose parents were recently freed slaves by the name of Mary McLeod Bethune, took it upon herself to find ways to educate herself and those in her community. Mary financed her ambitious dream by selling sweet potato pies door-to-door to raise money...
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What ‘Don’t Die’ Means

I have been contemplating submitting a proposal for a TEDx talk to be held in Las Vegas in December. I am not sure I will yet, but in doing some research I came across this TED talk I felt was worth sharing. A good thought — and I could see this as an inspirational project...
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This TED video is going to make you Thank God It’s Monday.  Shawn Achor is an incredible presenter.  He had me hooked with the title:  The happy secret to better work, but when he said the line, “The reason I am here today and the reason I get up excited each morning is Positive Psychology!”...
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