Gratitude 4.0

by Andrea Goeglein I know the word gratitude within Positive Psychology holds a central skill building focus.  I was taught back in 2003 by Marty Seligman that gratitude is the one strength all people should develop regardless of where it falls in your list of natural values and strengths.  There are many TED talks on...
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Where’s Jada?

As a regular reader of my blog, have you found yourself wondering, “Where is Jada Yarbough?”  Rest assured, Jada is okay but starting college has proven to be a prioritizing challenge.  I honor and respect those times in life when things we like to do get moved aside, while things we must do take precedence....
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Play Creating Gratitude

What better to start a week than by playing a game of life I call Creating Gratitude with these easy steps: 1)  Think of a bunch of things you would like to have resolved in a positive manner this week. 2)  Write down “I am grateful…” statements for each, such as: I am grateful my...
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Gratitude and Appreciation

Developing the human characteristic of gratitude is central to well-being and happiness. It is only fitting that the first post of my redesigned www.ServingSuccess.com site is one expressing gratitude to Debbie Mahony of www.DesignSpinner.com Debbie, you worked tirelessly since late October to design a site that represents me and my work.  I think it is...
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Small Action, Huge Impact

I am always amazed how easy and inexpensive an act of kindness can be.  During the month of August in Las Vegas we had more 100 degree days than we needed.  As I walked past a neighbors home one ‘trash day’ this is what I saw.  What could you do to lift a persons spirit...
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The Power of Few Words

One of the most enjoyable keynote speeches I ever heard was designed around quotes that made a point about the speakers life.  The speaker was a trained actress so there was extra power in her delivery, yet I have always felt the very few words that constitute most quotes contain as much significance as an...
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What does Gratitude Feel Like?

Gratitude is a positive emotion usually referring to a state of thankfulness or being thankful.  The definition of thankful is “conscious of benefit received.”  But what does it FEEL like to be thankful?  That was the question posed in my morning reading. So I got, “I am thankful for a client order.”  “I am thankful...
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The Limits of Web Based Social Networks

Dr. Success Thanksgiving Challenge: During the week surrounding Thanksgiving, reach out and touch as many of the people in your life as you possibly can. I am not suggesting you email, text, or send some cyber hug or Facebook farm animal. What I am imploring you to do is physically reach out and touch as...
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Practicing The Power Of Now

Appreciate (v): to judge with heightened perception or understanding. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Success Challenge: Observe things you take for granted. A warm cup of coffee when you get to the office, your computer operating as it was intended, the phone working or the person who hands you your ticket at the train station. What...
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The Honor of Being Honored

Is it fitting for someone who promotes the development of personal success to be honored for doing that work? Fitting? I am not sure. I hope I would continue to do this work regardless of whether I was ever honored or recognized at any level. Yet, when I was nominated and subsequently honored, I did...
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