How to Happy Up A Conversation

Successful Conversations in Interesting Times What is a Successful Conversation? One that makes you feel better when you have completed it than before you had it. During these interesting economic times there is no better opportunity to practice engaging in conversations that matter. To guide the conversations toward possible positive action instead of dejection and...
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Proof You Must Never Give Up Your Dreams

Spend 7 minutes and feel your heart smile. The theme of my AMAZ television segment this week was the media, the reporting of bad news, and what you can do about it. I became aware of this YouTube video while wathcing Brian Willams on NBC Nightly News last night. I like that NBC Nightly News...
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Twitter Yourself Into The Now

A few weeks ago a wrote an blog twittering about twitter and how we serious, success minded adults need not preoccupy ourselves with adolesence type behavior. This morning I am having some crow for breakfast. Care to join me! They don’t call me Dr. Success for nothing! I do persevere even when I can’t figure...
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Does the Word “Spiritual” Make You Uptight?

Would you be willing to explore spirituality if I told you it would make you more resilient? There is one question that I have been asked more in the last several months than at any other time in my business career. The question is: “How do you survive this economy?” I know at some level...
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Goals as Guideposts – Not Tombstones

One of the first questions we’re asked as children is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In the United States this question literally begins our life-long process of goal setting, especially in our careers. We are encouraged in our culture to set goals, goals and more goals. We are taught how...
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